NYFA Success Stories

Miskar Chomse

I am an actor, writer and filmmaker from Johannesburg. I always knew I wanted to be an actor. I trained and practiced in theatre for almost as long as I can remember. Right around the time that I was transitioning more into film, I was given the opportunity to audition for a place at the New York Film Academy. I prepared two monologues for my audition, and they must have liked me because I was accepted to study Acting at the Los Angeles campus.

NYFA’s impact on my career as an actor has been incalculable. The international friends and professional connections I met while studying, living and working in Hollywood. I mean, it’s Hollywood. NYFA was across the road from some of the biggest studios in the business, and we, the students, got to work in those studios. Taking classes with industry professionals made it a fantastic place to hone my craft and expand my knowledge.

After graduating with a Masters degree I stayed for a while to cut my teeth on breaking in to the competitive Hollywood business. Along the way I produced a movie, appeared on National Television, and fostered relationships with other Hollywood actors, directors and filmmakers.

The experience is priceless. Not only am I a more confident and skilled actor for it, but I learned how to be a professional in the industry as well. 

Ivan Langeveldt

I also participated in the 2018 International ARTS Talent Showcase and received a call-back to showcase my talents in America.

The highlight of my entire trip was to receive my Diploma for Acting for Film at New York Film Academy.

This is something that no one can ever take away from me. I now have International Education, 3 Short Films and Multiple Film scenes to add to my resume with huge opportunities that awaits me in my near future.

None of this would be possible without Elsubie! She believed in me since the first time we met. She understood my Goals and Dreams. She Encouraged me, Taught me, Inspired me and Pushed me to be the best version of myself.

Anya Cloete

My name is Anya Sunica Cloete, I’m 18 and I’m currently studying at the New York Film Academy for Acting In Film. I am also a dancer and a aspiring commercial model. I was introduced to NYFA by Just You when I auditioned for a scholarship back in 2016, I was only 15 at the time when I received it. I finished high school and started at NYFA at the age of 17. 

So far since I’ve been here at NYFA I’ve learned so much about the art of acting and how important it is to have a passion for it. We do a lot in a short period of time that requires hard work and dedication. Even though acting is my major, NYFA puts other valuable subjects in your curriculum to learn from such as directing, film editing as well as business of acting where you start to get into a mindset of a professional.

Being an international student and getting to live in Hollywood is already a blessing and not only is school and doing student films a lot of fun, you get opportunities to network with important people that can take you far. For example I’m a dancer as well so I use my free time to attend dance studio classes as much as possible to further my exposure in any way possible. 

Nandipa Khubone

My story starts when I decided to take control of my own narrative. During my last two years of high school, I knew that the only way to be content with the path I’m taking, I had to study what it is that I loved. Upon doing all my research on schools that would be adequate for me to study film, I came across the New York Film Academy. The school embodied everything it is that I wanted to create and be a part of, so after applying, I attended auditions in Johannesburg and fortunately I was taken to the next round of the IATS talent show at the same time. The panel just so happened to included the same judge who was holding my NYFA auditions, I took this as an opportunity to broadcast myself twice in one month. Fast forward to now, as I sit in Los Angeles and think of my time at NYFA, I am beyond grateful for the tools I’ve been given in order to continue working on my craft and growing as an artist on each set I work on. For me, there has been no greater pleasure than stepping onto a Warner Brother’s or Universal Studios lot and calling it work. The pleasure of being able to look within myself to bring out a different character has been the dream job. I am constantly learning and growing, but this definitely is the best way for this young Durban girl’s story to start.

Audrey Mokono

The experience at the NYFA was amazing. I've never been out of South Africa before so on this journey my head was wrapped around the education but I gained more than what I actually went for. For a moment I felt as though everyone who surrounded me was there to make an impact in my life just through my education. NYFA was not just a place of education but freedom, a safe space was created with great relationships which I will forever be grateful for. I look at NYFA and I think home.

Chanté van Heerden

Chanté van Heerden's dream became a reality when she auditioned for the New York Film Academy. She auditioned for the Acting for Film programme. After her auditions she received a letter of acceptance and a talent - based Partial Scholarship, before she knew it she was off to New York City. Upon attending the New York Film Academy she had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of students from all over the world. She also had the privilege of being trained by extremely skilled. talented and professional acting coaches. These include Brian O'Neill, Paul W Warner and Emmy award winning actress Blanche Baker. Since the successful completion of the programme and having graduated Chanté has achieved many milestones.