International Arts Talent Showcase & Arts Africa

What is the ARTS?

The Applause Rising Talent Showcase, or ARTS, is a family owned and operated international organization. With hand selected mother agencies, dance centers, performing arts organizations, theater companies, and more… coming together to offer a unique week long experience, like no other. ARTS is recognized by top industry leaders as simply the best and safest place in the world to pursue the entertainment industry, without spending a life savings, and education dollars.

Aspiring actors, singers, dancers and fashion/commercial models will have their time on stage performing in various capacities.
ARTS offers a state of the art experience on a Hollywood set and Broadway style stage!
Live performance in front of hundreds of agents worldwide and a live audience! On-camera auditions for Television, Cold-Read, Comedy, and Improvisation… like no other!

ARTS is the only experience of its’ kind that offers college credit! With over 100 years of professional experience, our team completely supports higher education. Over $250K in scholarships offered throughout the year to continued education! We offer exposure to the top educational outlets in the United States of America. Aligned with educating casting directors, film producers, fashion designers, and more — giving each aspiring young talent a first look at the world of entertainment! Many compare their ARTS experience to a Career Day that lasts for an entire week, centered around the entire world of fashion and performing arts.
International networking like no other!

We unite agencies looking for the brightest and best new talent to the very best quality talent of all ages worldwide.

ARTS is international, offering exposure to faraway lands of South Africa, Australia and throughout North America.

How do you get involved?

Once you have been scouted by any of our accredited Scouts or representatives, you will then have an opportunity to showcase your talent at our annual International ARTS Talent Showcase in Johannesburg in October, where Director and International Scout Kim Meyers of The ARTS, scouting as per her clients requirement in the Film and Fashion Industry to attend her convention, in Orlando, Florida.

Kim works throughout the night to ensure that call backs are ready to be mailed to the contestants by the Just You Team , they will also inform contestants of their call back time (If Scouted by Kim)
We then host a meet and greet with all called back artists and Kim where a breakdown of “where to from here” is presented with a Q and A section thereafter. Boot camps, training and a photo shoot will then commence in the period until Show Time in June.

We really hope that your dreams will be made possible as we aim to provide the best of opportunities to reach them,
“International is not impossible”.

Contact Elouise Janse van Rensburg
Mobile: 078 259 4499
Tel: 011 039 2481